Blog2006 ≫ No, *not* grey squirrel curry!

Bad ITV1, squirrels are friends, not food! Lord Inglewood, patron of North West Red Alert2 tries some the shock tactic of suggesting celebrities feed our furry friends to small children:

What about celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver promoting it for school dinners? Indeed the House authorities could put it on the menu here. I must confess that I have never actually eaten a grey squirrel ... but I am prepared to give it a go

Raining today, which has oddly made both the train and town very quiet... well the train was quiet in that there were empty seats on it, but a few chaps noisily revising for some sort of train exam disrupted our beauty sleep. The streets are deserted too, is everyone taking a sickie just because of a bit of rain?

Last night's TV: I love property shows, but not really into "No Going Back", it's hard to have sympathy with people who are finding it a struggle to buy several properties at once, and before that "A Place In The Sun" was unsatisfying as there was no resolution to the show. People on the telly, please try harder. That Amanda Lamb who is also on "The Games" right now, I heard she was from Gosport, but no, she's from Leigh Park3.

Still having a few CSS issues with my "quotes", as above. That one is mostly OK but see what happens sometimes.

here's a short quote

I'm struggling to get this to be just a "normal" size, I've got some CSS somewhere that's affecting them - if I don't set the size explicitly then it wants to just stretch to the full width of the page, and if I do set it explicity it can leave a big white gap before the close quote there. Still got some work to do on the method of entry of these things too. I'm not interested in making a WYSIWYG editor or anything, just making some shortcuts for me making my blog entries (though they'll also work for you if you want to post a reply / comment) so I'm using a bastardised mix of BBCode and Wiki style encoding, that then gets converted to valid HTML45 at the back end.

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