Blog2010 ≫ Big Boys Breakfast

The boy's moved on to Weetabix now.

The boy's moved on from special baby muck breakfast (organic and that, but with added sugar) to regular Weetabix this week. Quite a step I think you'll agree.

Putting the subtitles on when watching BBC Breakfast is funny, we do this so as not to distract The boy too much while he's having his breakfast and then usually leave them on even after we've turned the sound up. Yesterday they called Lifeblood1 a "racist charity" instead of a thrombosis charity, and there was a cracker this morning that I sadly can't remember now. Give it a go, give yourself a treat.

Dead busy at work, good job this new version of Firefox is not compatible with my existing Twitkit2 Twitter plugin, so no twitter action for me today.

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