Blog2009 ≫ All insured, we can drive our new car home on Saturday

under 300 fully comp, sounds ok for ten years of no insurance

We can drive it anywhere in fact! We got a car, we don't have to walk anywhere ever again! I will get fat, start watching Top Gear and swear at busses and cyclists now.

The details people keep asking, it's a 2003 Ford Fiesta, under 1300cc and it's metallic blue. I don't know much more of the details, but can answer questions come Saturday. Yes, obviously I will be pimping it1, totally, just in really small subtle ways that don't cost any money and that Clare won't notice. Based on my previous ownership of cars my customisation is likely to be limited to removing some of the interior trim, the seats say, and then getting bored and driving round with no seats for the next few years.

Where do I go for a stereo? It's got a factory fit CD player and that, but I want a DAB radio and ipod dock, think that will do it.

AARGH just realised now I will have to pick Clare up from the station every day! This means, on the days when she's late home from work on a Friday, meeting a friend say, I can't start on the booze until she gets in!!!

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