Blog2011 ≫ More presents

I got more home brew kit, including a 5 gallon fermenting bucket and a barrel for storing it all in, so I'm off for tonnes more apple juice, wonder if the supermarkets will be having a sale?

We did boxing day round our house today, Clare's family have a tradition of turkey in breadcrumbs with mashed potato, so we had that. Well I had my own variation, everyone else had that. Everyone's gone home now, Clare is trying to work off some of those dinners on the exercise bike, and I'm sat in front of the telly with the boy. Then Clare is out on the razzle dazzle tonight, again, while I am sat in. Again.

Been using XBMC on the laptop for the past few days, as a handy way of playing music and using the phone as a remote control1. It works really well and makes me want to get another computer as a permanent media centre. Hmm, I should not have got rid of that xbox after all, I never thought of plugging it just in to the stereo with no screen, and using the phone as the screen1. I just want something cheap but with built in wifi. I have an old imac downstairs but it needs a network connection. I might have a play later when the boy's gone to bed...

xbmc: XBox Media Centre, some code that would run on an old xbox or other computer hardware to play movies + music etc. I used to talk about this a lot...

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