So are we going to Glastonbury or what?

So are we going to Glastonbury or what?

I suspect not this year, as we have a lot on in June anyway, but if we were we'd have to register in advance... Weird. Will it beat the touts? I doubt it, unless all the artists' guests have to register in the same way, just as far in advance.

Who will the headliners be too? I heard via the medium of that it would be Arctic Monkeys, Bjork and "the biggest band in the world that are not U2 or Coldplay"... now this is clearly part of the regular rumour bullshit, even if it did originally come from anyone connected with the festival, like Michael Eavis himself (and I don't know where the quote came from, and I might have got U2 wrong, it might have been REM). For a start, it supposes that Coldplay are one of the three biggest bands in the world. I suspect it's just the start of the annual rumour that this year, the Rolling Stones will play. And they won't. I bet it's someone like Muse headlining.

More frivolous festival excitement from the official registration page, which you have to provide a photo for:

What kind of photos are acceptable?

Some of that sounds like good advice for the festival itself - no stupid hats, eyes forward, no smiling, conform, consume, etc. Glastonbury's changed a lot, even since I first went.

BUSY with this new job, really enjoying it, a great place to work. More to report, maybe at the weekend.

UPDATE: efestivals has it that it's The Who.

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Fri Feb 02 2007

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