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I suspected this might happen, what a shame. Seems there's no need to write even so much as a paragraph these days, a short line with a smiley and some hashtags1 will more than do.

(hmm I think there was meant to be a link to a news story here)

So what's going on? Just about recovered from my trip to Exeter. For such a long journey it's surprisingly comfortable, probably wouldn't be so good during the week, but the train running between their and London is fine and fast. Was misinformed by announcement that all was well on the tubes, when in fact the Victoria line was down, and I didn't realise until I'd got to Oxford Circus. Felt completely lost for a few minutes while there, I am too long out of London. Had to come home via Victoria because of engineering work otherwise I would have sprung out of Oxford Circus and walked to Charing Cross.

Got there eventually and made a train that got me back part way through the first half of the Ireland / Wales game. Tense and exciting! Went out for chips while Clare was out with her mum, then we all met up in The Providence after.

Had a good Sunday, got the shopping out of the way early, no pressing need to do housework so caught up with TV and ate. A great day. Guessing lazy relaxing days like that are starting to run out now. We have our first ante-natal class this Wednesday evening, then more to come. Clare is a fullsome size now, and the baby is constantly squirming and pressing on her. Strangely, even though we have been told with about 95% medical confidence we are having a boy, we have both had ideas this week that it will be a girl.

A disturbance from work last night, someone in the German office overwrote some English language config type files with Italian, messing up our main websites! Wondering how many hours late to go in this morning in compensation for having to fix that... Did not have full access to get in, and did not fancy driving to the office at that time but managed to retype everything I think...

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