PopEx ≫ 2004 ≫ A Place Inside Our Minds

Another Feeder tribute album, for the fans, by the fans...

On Monday, a new version of "A Place Inside Our Minds II: The Feederweb Tribute Album" will be released via feedertribute.co.uk. The new version of the album, which will cost 5, will have revised artwork and will contain and Interactive PC CD-Rom section featuring some songs that didn't make it onto the final album. To order the new version of the album, go to the 'Order' page on the website. The tracks featured on the interactive CD are "Clair Coult - Suffocate", "Esque - Waiting For Changes", "Everyday Formula - Quickfade", "Gazz - Buck Rogers", "Joolz And Kas - Wishing For The Sun", "Neal Harrison - Love Pollution", and "Reefed - We Can't Rewind". Any orders via PayPal will be despatched immediately.

Also, for anybody who is interested, we are also planning to start work on 'A Place Inside Our Minds 3' in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes on the website for more information.

Thanks,Tom @ feedertribute.co.uk

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