Blog ≫ 2004 ≫ Oscars results

I didn't pick up a Metro today, I averted my eyes from the big screens at Liverpool Street, I didn't look over anyone's shoulder on the tube, and I was planning to not look at or any news or film related sites all day, so we could watch the ceremony tonight... Within SECONDS of being at work the radio was on and I'd heard all of the results in some sort of high speed data burst...

Still, no spoilers here in case my love decides to check in here, all other websites being out of bounds in case she has the results spoiled for her too...

Chaos on the way in today, not bus related though, several tube lines down...

David Gray tonight at the Barfly, the start of the Music Passport week. No interest in going, but hopefully one of these shows will turn up for us.

💬 The Cure Passport gig

💬 Pet Shop Boys Passport gig

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Mon Mar 01 2004

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