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I had a JOYOUS afternoon yesterday... I was working from home, nipped out for some lunch, got into our communal hallway and realised I'd left my keys in the flat - both doors were locked needing a key to get out, so I was shut in the hallway until our downstairs neighbour came home FOUR HOURS LATER... I was hungry, thirsty, bored shiteless, the works. Luckily did not need the loo in this time, mostly because I just lay down and went to sleep.

Had a couple of 58 Smash's in the Bird Cage to celebrate Clare getting her degree, then played pool in the Defoe and finished off with a takeaway from The Royal Bengal, which was DESERTED again. It was a hot day, but surely someone might have felt like a curry, we did.

Can't find a recipe for a 58 Smash anywhere on the web, but it's basically a strawberry mashed up with a shot of Cointreau and then topped up with champagne... wouldn't have hurt to put a few more strawberries in there I reckon, but very nice anyway.

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