Blog2007 ≫ Luncheon fiasco

Bah, forgot my lunch today, all I remembered was the fruit component. There are no shops within walking distance, and though there are vending machines here at work, one stole my money and failed to deliver my crisps the other day, so not sure about trying them again. Will see how hungry I get later.

Fabulous day today, I thought it was meant to be very rainy, felt a bit foolish walking from the station with my big coat on.

In things-that-are-going-right news, my IPOD is syncing with the PC again (for a few days the PC was doing blue screen of death when I plugged the IPOD in). Last report of my IPOD here was possibly that I'd lost it, that is all resolved, found it again, and it's broken again, and now it's fixed again, smashing...

Also, an orchid that we thought had died but just hadn't got round to throwing out has mysteriously come back to life, but most importantly my Nan has had her hip operation and is doing fantastically well, she'll be out of hospital before we get down to visit her at the weekend.

AND, it's payday today!

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