Blog2004 ≫ Mortgage Broker

After hearing from a mortgage broker every hour on the hour all week, today, not a peep... I think it could be because I've mailed him to point out that the best mortgage he's found for me seems to be the same as the mortgage my own bank have offered me, but to have him "arrange" it will cost me an extra 500 quid or so. I am guessing mortgage brokers are intended for people who would have difficulty in finding a mortgage, whereas being a first time buyer in solid financial standing everyone's offering me the best rates they can anyway. I don't like letting him down, but it's 500 quid, that's half a pool table. I don't think I've signed anything, or am in any other way committed, I guess I'll find out.

Had a fairly productive week, mostly making a support ticket time tracking system for work, seems a bti mad to have spent time working on a project to work out how much time I'm spending working on projects... It's interesting stuff, but a bit "programming for programming's sake"... I think at last I am getting my head around OO programming - I understood how, just never why, and now I'm getting it.

Nice bonus today, a mate just sent me a CD of pictures and video footage from the last ever (hmm...) Suede gig at the Astoria just before christmas...

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