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Tonight is the Fighting Cocks gig, and I am starting to think it might lead to TROUBLE... Clare said she'd come so long as it wasn't too late, as we have a wedding to go to tomorrow... so then I told her they were on at 9, and that was OK, and now Charlie says actually it's 10, and if that's the time they SAY they're on (let's call this PR Time) then it will probably be later, and she will not be happy. We'll see...

Also I have got nothing to wear to the wedding tomorrow. It says on the invite "colourful, no ties", I am assuming they mean neck-ties, and not "no commitments", otherwise what sort of wedding will that be? I will be digging a smart casual shirt out of the washing basket in a panic tomorrow.

Lunch again today was hummus and roast tomato sandwhich, and a banana. I have bizarrely got a leeeetle bit healthier and a bit fruitier since moving to Farringdon, it's down to going to a place (Pret) where I can have just ONE THING for lunch, plus fruit, instead of having a handful of different soups and pasties like I used to get in Sesame.

I'm really enjoying the ride into work on the 243 in the mornings, Kingsland Road is a great road to travel South on. It's almost dead straight, so even among the grime of greasy chicken and discount phone cards at the top end, you can see the shining beacon that is whatever that big shiny beacon building is away in the distance and then think "I am leaving here! That is civilisation there just by the horizon!"... I'm getting bored of living in London, the novelty has worn thin.

Today's post was brought to you by the recycling of various emails and posts on other boards from this morning.

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