Blog2010 ≫ HTML5 Rocks - Google's showcase of html5 skills, in the style of a presentation. Via techcrunch1 and someone at work who alerted me to it. Damn I should be the one sending these links round really... This stuff is not new, I saw it at FOWA last year but it's nice to see a dummy's guide of html5 examples like that. I have only used the geolocation so far, it's not worth going crazy overboard on these things as they are not fully supported, but I guess the more site builders (do we still say webmasters any more?) use them the quicker everyone will have to upgrade.

What a CRACKING DAY today. A fine day to go strolling out of the world cup... at work all day obviously, but we will be watching it this afternoon. I wonder if they'll bring some beers round?

A fine day for going to Glastonbury too. I am not going of course, but I waved a couple of cow-orkers off yesterday. Have dug out my old Glastonbury t-shirt today, partly for that and partly because it is red like today's England strip. Come on Enger-land, etc. This t-shirt has been in the cupboard, in a bin bag of other mouldy t-shirts for years. It smells a bit rank actually, and running for the train in this heat did not do it any favours. I found another Glastonbury 1995 t-shirt, one that I don't think had ever been worn. I bought two different ones and kept one pristine to dig out on occasions such as this. But it smelled a bit worse.

Ooh there is a rumour we can go home to watch the England game today!

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