Blog2006 ≫ Excitement for this week:

Hmm, so far not much. I am mostly pinning my hopes on one job offer that I'm expecting to hear back from any minute now. It's a really good fit for my skills and experience, I only hope I don't get "gazumped" by someone offering to do the job for half the money, we'll see...

Decided to kickstart my gigging, which didn't quite tie in with trying to cut down on spending right now... Got some tickets for The Dirty Pretty Things at The Leas Cliff Hall. Hoping it'll sell out pretty fast, I think it will, so then I've got the option of going or flogging the tickets nearer the date. Could this be the start of a new ebay empire? Maybe not.

Got some email from the person who made the Harry Clarke: Darkness in Light1 documentary (about Clare's uncle2. I'm getting a DVD copy of it off them, which will be nice.

Kept my self busy just recently doing some work on, a new satire site by John O'Farrell and also putting some voting3 into the gig listingson Folkestone Gerald4. Getting a tiny bit more activity on the forum there, including plenty of [fg=dolphin]dolphin stories[/fg].

Happy Talk like a pirate day5, arr, have some real pirate gold6, on ebay, six hundred quid or so...

Averaging only one post a week at the moment, blimey.

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