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I know I'm not the first to pick up on this, but I read last night's Evening Standard1 this morning (no, not The Metro, really last night's Standard, I found it on the train) and there was a piece about new powers for the police. It's being proposed (I think, am doing this from memory) that they have powers to instantly hand out punishments, ASBO's etc... This is Judge Dredd territory! Makes me almost want to start reading 2000AD2 again! Maybe I will start with the many, many back issues I'll be collecting from my folks house next weekend... Ooh sorry Clare, did I not say I would be collecting more clutter? I will do something clever with my new DIY skills and drill, like putting up more shelves in the shed for them.

Also while I'm doing stuff everyone else has already done, Kate Moss, cuh, eh? YES it's a load of bollocks that the papers are now doing SHOCKING EXPOSES, apparently there is cocaine used at these London fashion parties! Everyone knows it goes on, and also everyone knows that given any opportunity at all the papers must pretend to be shocked and do these exposes. So, it's a bit pointless complaining about Kate Moss and drug use in these industries, and also it's pointless complaining about people complaining about them. What's my point here? Not sure, other than it's not really news, let's keep it off the front pages.

My favourite Kate Moss story was from popbitch3 ages ago, apparently she was doing a shoot (a fashion shoot, not a heroin shoot) at a big old derelict style house, and needed the toilet. Someone there said "there's one upstairs, but look out, there's no door". "No door? How do I get in there then?" she replies.

On with my holiday write up later when I've done some work.

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