Blog2018 ≫ First post under the new regime

First day back at work after the bank holiday, and first post that is NOT in the database...

What does this even mean? I have been moving this blog + website over to a static site. So instead of being hohosted on a relatively expensive and non scaling Amazon EC2 instance, it's now static, hosted on Amazon S3 + Cloudfront. It's now infinitely scalable at low cost (in case it ever gets any traffic) and while slightly trickier for me to update, will be better over all.

I need to split out the content of Clarkeology with that of Folkestone Gerald to make it a bit faster, and maybe split out the family tree stuff from the blog, from the gigography etc.

I have some handy tips for using Jekyll (that's the "engine" behind this static site that I can share) as it's HELLA SLOW when you have tens of thousands of posts. Plus I have a neat little script for writing a new blog post now.

I could write the whole thing up into a how-to but there are tonnes of these out there already.

Anyway as I said first day back after a glorious bank holiday, time to start work. It's started raining quite hard now, glad this held off until after the break.

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