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A Lost tie-in novel1, by Gary Troup2, a character who was also on flight 815 in the TV show... this is like the Bad Wolf Doctor Who stuff, but done so much better... No spoilers on any of those sites btw as far as I can tell.

Fabulous day today, sunny delight, but I had real trouble sleeping last night, and couldn't sleep on the train in this morning either.

Having big trouble with Google Video right now too, they mistakenly disqualified a video that I uploaded, twice, and I think (after much testing) their uploader programme won't actually upload the same file again, even though it says it is. Renaming the file might do the trick. Their first line of support was awful, I'm on to second line now who's been more helpful (ie not copy and pasted standard replies) but not able to tell me anything more useful than "I think it's still not working". No wonder everyone prefers youtube.com3.

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