Blog2018 ≫ Week seven of Couch To 5K

Up a bit earlier today so I could be back in time for everyone to get ready; we're both working today. So a 05:45 wake up! I was awake anyway, alarm was only set for 6am. Same run as last time, short warmup, then a twenty five minute straight run, so I went along Princes Parade, around Hythe Imperial, and back along the canal path. I must have run faster than before as I got closer to home before the finish. That must be a good sign isn't it?

Glad it was not too hot this morning, but nor was it raining. Summer seems to be back properly again now, think it will be nice again today.

I have a big day at work have to do a bit of a presentation to the directors but should be fine. As long as there are not too many awkward questions about what went wrong yesterday and how much money we lost. It does mean that the time spent preparing to present means no time to actually do any work to talk about.

Watched Bletchley Circle: San Francisco yesterday, it is fairly terrible.

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