Blog2009 ≫ Woohoo eight hours sleep!

Last night, not me as it goes but the little one. I woke him up for the normal last feed of the night at 10.30, he guzzled greedily, went back to bed sucking his thumb and did not wake until just after 7am this morning. That's his first time of sleeping right through the night. He woke up particularly happy and smiley too, he really looks like baby pictures of Clare when he smiles (and me when he frowns).

Normally I get eight hours sleep anyway, it's Clare who gets up to do the night feeds, but last night she was out on the razzle dazzle at Bar Vasa with some friends. So, home alone I had mystery dinner out of the freezer (turned out to be one tub of bolognaise and one of root vegetables in garlic and thyme that I made ages ago, very nice) and broke my website. Decided it's time to bring the code on here more up to date with what it is I do, and broke it badly in the process. Until last night I was still including my own javascript library which I put together in the days before jquery1 - everyone had one of these then to do common functions, I was still including and using mine. Now it's gone, page size is down, but actually some things are not working. Should have just canned the whole lot and started again...

Glad it's Friday, hectic week at work.

javascript: Programming language of the web, mostly how I make my living.

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