Blog ≫ 2003 ≫ How upsetting for Suede

When they notice the first gigs selling out in one second flat, and the latter not selling at all!

To commemorate the release of their long-awaited greatest hits collection, Singles, Suede will be taking over the Institute Of Contemporary Art from Monday 22nd September for a week-long celebration of their illustrious career as pop pioneers.

Suede will play five unique concerts, each of them featuring a different Suede album in its entirety. This will be the first time many of these songs have ever been performed live in public - and almost certainly the only

chance to hear some of them ever. To make each night even more special, Suede will encore with a selection of b-sides and rarities, chosen by the fans themselves from the broad sweep of Suede's rich musical heritage.

Dates are as follows:

Monday 22nd September - Suede

Tuesday 23rd September - Dog Man Star

Thursday 25th September - Coming Up

Friday 26th September - Head Music

Saturday 27th September - A New Morning

Tickets go on sale August 18th priced at 15 from the ICA box office, telephone 020 7930 3647. The box office is open from midday to 9.30pm daily.

In addition to these very special concerts, the ICA will also be holding an exhibition of Suede artwork and memorabilia from over the years.

Suede Singles is scheduled for release in early October.

These gigs will go on sale as normal through popEx, but as I said, the first one will sell out in NO TIME...

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Mon Aug 11 2003

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