Blog2018 ≫ Cold dark run this morning

Awoken in the night by heavy rain. I thought that was my first alarm for some reason, so dismissed the idea of getting up to run and went back to sleep. Then when the first 5:55 alarm really did go off I thought it was the second alarm so sprang out of bed. Rain had stopped so I decided to run after all. It was cold and dark and hard to get going, but with my hat, gloves, head torch, and new bright yellow jacket I must have looked the absolute business. Did not make great time, about a minute slower than the weekend, but not bad.

Think we have decided to by ourselves a treadmill as a joint christmas present, for indoor running. Will also be good for walking while working I hope, keen to give that a try. Also walking while reading maybe? Going to put it in the study and put a screen in front of it too. The boys are very keen as they have seen a lot of treadmill based accidents on You've Been Framed, kerching!

Still not heard about the beetle, so am working from home again today.

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