Blog2003 ≫ Tasks

BACK in the office today for a meeting, so preparing for that... DANN rain overnight meant water was flowing in the bedroom window again. SMASHING barbecue at the weekend, now have to decide if we can find the time to go to on holiday with the same chums in three weeks1 - have to fit this in with Belgium2, Glastonbury3 , Clare's cousin's wedding4 and more... busy summer! Didn't go to Ryan's5 in the end, went to the Londesborough instead, which is nicer really. It looks poncey, but it sells bitter and it's comfortable, can't complain. Walked past Stoke Newington's new 500 capacity venue on the way there, The Eye. Looks exactly like Ryan's from the outside, haven't seen any lineups yet, will cherche... Now, tasks:

💬 Glastonbury

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