Blog2006 ≫ Weird traininess thing going on

Got on the train at stupid o'clock as usual this morning to hear an announcement apologising for the late running of the service. Assumed the announcement was the mistake, but NO! Our train had been replaced by a late running earlier number that was then going to go direct to London with no stops. So we got in about twenty minutes earlier than usual. Could do with something like that going on every day - look, there's no need for expensive new track and trains, just don't stop anywhere between Folkestone and London and that's the job done! Slept pretty smoothly all the way in (though for only just over an hour this time), and then had to go for a coffee with the wife so as not to be too early into work...

Fun link for the day my pics on zooomr1, I just can't resist handing over all my details to these Web2.0 outfits. Fun link for yesterday is this Simpsons maker2, make a Simpsons character like yourself.

I did transfer a load of photos from [froogle=sony ericsson w810i]the new phone[/froogle] to the computer but haven't put any online yet. The videos need converting from their 3GP format before I can go editing them together, and the photo's were really nothing to write home about...

Ooh yeah, I did some style updates here, see I'm using these cool dates34 now, do you like them?

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