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amazing spooky accuracy!

Financial worries might come up today, Aries. You may check your bank balance and find that you have little money. This might come as a shock, because you thought there was plenty there. Before you panic, ask whoever's in charge at the bank to double-check the records. It's probably a computer error. It shouldn't take long to correct, and you'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

This is AMAZING, some bank error meant we did not get paid today! OK this is not my horoscope, but it is someone's. This is at least 1/12 accurate, as it seems to have affected everyone here. Hope none of my direct debits go out today.

UPDATE: Got paid today, all is good. Huge number of direct debits came out today including first new mortgage payment. Mortgage is a bit higher, and the first payment on a new mortgage is always higher still, covering about a month and a half's payments. So, I am broke again! Not overdrawn, but I'm sure we'll soon fix that.

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