The best day of all

The best day of all

Pay day today, always appreciated, but especially so this month as we had the big payout for Clare's trip to America and the car insurance. Thought I was overdrawn because that had come out, but it seems I was just overdrawn, and that's coming out any minute now.

Got me a big ass monitor at work now, so I can work on two screens at once. It's a 23'' widescreen monitor from Dell, which I have turned round portrait instead of landscape. It's like having two screens on top of each other, very handy for viewing long webpages with lots of debugging in. Wondering now about getting something similar for home.

I'm back in my old department at work this week, while @dan_jenkins has a week off. Nice to be doing something different, problem solving but on a smaller scale to the trip app project I've been on for so long.

The house next door that was up to let has now been let, only been advertised for less than a week I think.

Just listening to the boy on the monitor (baby monitr rather than my new widescreen job) saying goodnight to everything.

Night night door.

Night night light.

Night night monitor.

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Mon Feb 28 2011

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