Blog2010 ≫ Lovely long weekend

Family, friends, pubs, cinema, all good

Great long weekend. Took Friday off so we could travel to and from Fareham in the mornings without it making the weekend too short. Got there at lunchtime without too much grief. Usually we come back Sunday afternoon, but if the boy is awake the whole journey he's complaining the whole journey, so we timed the travelling around his naps. Went on some of the new road at Hindhead, it will be a massive improvement when it's finished but that's a year away still. Anyway nice afternoon and then a meal at my sister's with everyone, then at everyone else's bed time Clare and I snuck off to Port Solent and the cinema, more about the film later. We walked back, partly for the exercise, partly so I could stop for some chips, but mostly just out of meanness. I found a skateboard on the way home, Clare would not let me keep it though. I tried to skate a bit home, but didn't throw myself into it too much, else I might be writing this with a broken hip. Left the skateboard within yards of where I found it, on the verge of [gmap=Southampton Road, Portsmouth]Southampton Road[/gmap]. It might still be there.

Saturday up early enough I suppose and to a boot fair at Forty Acres farm, sort of Havant way. Got some books, the new Reginald Hill and the two newish Raymond Feists that I didn't have, a very cheap result. Lunch back at the Lloyds bar (Wetherspoons) in Port Solent with my Nan. We were expecting it to busy up as they were going to show the football but it stayed quiet. We went home to watch the game, the first half at mum and dad's, still all positive at half time like it could have gone either way. Then the inevitable second half round at Kerry's. That's Portsmouth's last bit of spotlight for some time I think... We watched the second half in LED LCD HD, I don't think that's what swung it though.

Saturday night I went to the pub with @itchypaws and @rolymo very good to see them both. Started off in The Crown, my choice, a Wetherspoon but I think a nicer one. It got less nice, but was not as rough as some people like to make out... we went on to The Vanguard which is more of a meat market, slightly grim really but fun to be out with friends. Nice to chat about stuff, some interesting work crossovers. One chum's company has lots of parallels with my own, the company has the same awards, investors in people and Sunday Times Top 100 Company1 and so on. The other chum who does not work for a place with these awards gets nearly twice as much holiday though and cheekily seems to have won a contract away from us.

I walked home again, I saw a heron, it got away before I could snap it with my camera phone though. I swear I did not dream this.

Drove back this morning. A huge shame to come back without our usual roast dinner but good to be back in time to get some things done here, as tomorrow we both work. A relaxing evening planned, got a chilli, a bottle of Hedonist2 from Waitrose2, and a Lewis on TV.

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