Blog2004 ≫ Fareham wireless hotspots

Good weekend in Fareham, bit boozy, but sorted out my best man now, it took more organising and preparing than actually asking Clare. As we were in the Red Lion Hotel thought I'd give the pocket PC a go, and it turns out there is wifi access there. Couldn't get the payment system to work, which is a shame, but it makes me wonder are there many more? Lots of pubs seem to have them now, the whole country will be covered in no time. There seem to be a lot more in Fareham than in Folkestone right now.

Today started off a bit more exciting than I'd have liked... engrossed in the last few pages of my book1, I got on the tube at Finsbury Park without a ticket and then had a PANIC when I changed and realised I was travelling illegally... what do I do? I headed back to Finsbury Park again as I knew I could get out there without being checked, renewed my travel card and then carried on about my business...

Clare's started her new job at HHA2 today, seems like there will be lots of opportunities for her to do interesting computer based projects there, and really make an impact, SMART! Good luck lover!

Karma Download stuff is all live now on popex, though people are reporting their java ticker isn't showing up, hmm...

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