Blog2024 ≫ Runuary day 31

Runuary doneuary mate! Done a whole month. I did the regular route running along the road to Hythe and then back along Princes Parade. And that's me done. I'm knackered.

It was a very average time for the last 5k of January:

date 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
31/01 7'02 4'50 4'57 5'42 5'02 5'05

Probably no running tomorrow but then I think I will go out at lunchtime on Friday. It works out nicely for using the car, I can run there, drive back, then drive out to Folkestone later leaving the car there for Clare again. I will be driving into Folkestone and leaving the car there because... It's the end of Dryanuary, and the start of Febrewery! I'm still being good today, having some of the lovely sparkling kombucha I got from The Wine Society.

Just going to mention coffee here so some coffee stats appear. There's some new rule from amazon that I have to mention I might earn some money if you follow some of the links. I don't know when I last earned any money for these links, years ago. I might just remove them soon. Anyway hopefully the amazon link here will automate some sort of disclaimer. Just to make sure I get something to link to here here is the light switches I have been buying, and will buy more of on Friday1. Friday is pay day. And, another sort of interesting thing, looks like my web browser stripped all the tracking tags off that after I just followed a link. Good for privacy probably, not so good for people who rely on that sort of tracking.

Ooh free energy starting at 8pm. Sign up here2 and maybe get in next time.

Light rain and a fresh breeze, 5 - 8℃.

Guessing 1542 cups of coffee from my espresso machine1 probably comes to £1.11 a cup (including actual coffee and now servicing1 so not the 'leccy).

5k: Five kilometres, about three miles to you.

dryanuary: Not drinking for all of January.

runuary: Running at least 5k every day for the month of January.

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