Blog2018 ≫ More car fun

Guy from OG Buswerks still not visited to look at the beetle, wish he had not talked me out of just taking it to him to start with. It's no use sat on the drive. I will have to get the bus to work this week, and the bus routes have changed to I will be cycling half way.

Also the side window of the Peugeot went BOOM for Clare this morning! Just a stone chip I suppose but was a bit scary for her.

Nice weekend, no updates as I am trying not to use the computer so much, as the boys commented I am always working. Can I remember what we did?

Didn't get to leave work early on Friday, an ongoing issue caused by another team that I am still fixing now. Went to the Inn Doors as usual though, so all good. Saturday Clare was working so we mostly had a quiet one around the house but I did trick the boys into cycling to Hythe, so got a full load of exercise in.

Yesterday we went to the cinema, me to see Bohemian Rhapsody which was pretty good. Really rushed over some bits I was interested in but was quite moving and I learned some stuff. Clare and the boys went to see Nativity Rocks at the same time, so everyone was happy. After we went to Chiquito which was disappointing really. I have not been in a Chiquito for years, since there was one in Port Solent (which burned down) and it should be quite good for me but the food was a bit cold and bland really.

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