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Looks cold out there, feels a bit cold, and the heating is on. Forecast is saying not so bad though, in the plus figures for the day. I can never quite sit near enough to a radiator in this house they all seem to be in the wrong place. There's not enough room for me to move things around though. If I could move the bookcases I could move the dining table down a bit (where I'm sat now, and where I often sit to work) and then I could be right next to one. Anyway it's getting warmer, they won't be coming on again after today until about November I don't suppose. Just the right time for me to be getting an engineer out to fix a couple of them (he's coming Wednesday).

In other news for a busy day, we're going to collect the new car at last, from Hyundai. It's not insured yet, as it's not registered, or something, it doesn't exist on the system. They won't register it until the day we collect, they won't give it to us without insurance, we can't insure it without it being registered. In theory we can register it by just telling our insurance company the make and model and so on, but the specific model is not on their system yet. Hopefully it all falls into place today. Either way, new car or no new car, we think we're going for a Wagamama afterwards. Not so much to celebrate as to reward ourselves for the pain of having to deal with a car dealership.

I should be in good time for parkrun today, unless I sit here too much longer writing this. Just finish my coffee and see me go.

Got more of that sweet free energy1 tomorrow morning for three hours, good time to do washing, drying, and ironing.

Sunny intervals and a gentle breeze, 4 - 8℃.

Estimated 1532 cups of coffee from my espresso machine2 probably comes to £1.11 a cup (including actual coffee and now servicing2 so not the 'leccy).

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