Another task list

Another task list

+Up early to sort of fix broken noisy toilet - go Pauly the Plumber! +Making a way of having "bands" in the popex database, without people being able to trade in them, or them being listed anywhere... starting with this guy as a test... +popex admin, deleting accounts etc +Finished Beast server rebuild - working fast and logging cookies so we can count casual visitors to pages like the lyrics section. +Barfly admin, all the mailing lists bounces came back to me, bah +Absorbing yet more reports and stats, from a popex user survey this time "Slight male skew", "The audience is almost exclusively 16-34 yrs old", "Far more likely to live in a larger household", "PopEx user households are more affluent", "Slight over representation from London and non-UK - otherwise a normal regional spread", "The vast majority of users are either in education or full-time work", "PopEx users are better educated than average", "PopEx users are internet fanatics: 96% use several times a week or more", "Less likely to be home-based", "Very loyal users - 67% use PopEx once a week a week or more"... +On the basis of the above report sold our first mailshot, very poor money though +Adding new Barfly admin system user accounts +STILL plotting a rewrite of popex trading / price adjusting, going to take longer than I though +Planning Barfly spin off website, maybe using popex message boards +Reprocessing log files, can do huge amounts at once with the new version of Analog, it's ace.

Reckon I'll stop doing it like this soon, it's dull. Going to Ryan's Bar tonight with chums from Fareham who are up for the weekend.

💬 not using popex message boards

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Fri Jun 20 2003

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