Blog2009 ≫ Roast potato O'Clock

GREAT lunch, now back to work...

I've had roast potatoes with the last three meals (breakfast not included, don't be ridiculous), is that too much? Generally I'm a very healthy eater but I could happily have roast potatoes with every meal going forward, how quickly would it take me to get fat?

Nothing actually to report here, just distracting myself over lunch so I don't go back to an earlier internet explorer problem. I almost never get these, but I've got a web page where when someone checks or unchecks a checkbox something happens, and forgotten that some browsers trigger the "change" request when it's ticked but IE doesn't say the box has changed until you move away from it. Irritating!

So, instead of using these last few minutes of lunch to fix the problem, I'm whinging about it here instead, constructive.

The boy came into work with me today, and Clare, as far as the car park at least, as they needed the car to go shopping. Probably buying secret presents for me.

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