Blog2010 ≫ Woken up to NO WATER

No water supply, Veolia say it's not them but they're sending someone out

DANG, got swimming to go to, then Canterbury, then staying out to watch the Rugby, as we have a flat viewing today. This is thrown slightly into disarray by having no water in the flat today. Called Veolia1 emergency number, they say there's nothing in the area going on, it's probably something in the block. They're sending someone out anyway, hope I do not end up being charged. Have checked our internal stopcock, it is having no effect. So I didn't just get up and turn it off in my sleep. Can't see any work going on outside, but it's a bit early to be knocking any of the neighbours up to see if they know anything. We got swimming to go to! This is messing with our plans!

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