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The BBC reports that an Oldham woman libelled an MP from Portchester (where I am from) on Yahoo message boards:

Ms Williams, of Oldham, Lancs, used a pseudonym to post claims that he was a sexual offender and a racist bigot.

Ms Williams had also claimed that the chartered surveyor had sexually harassed a female co-worker, had been charged with soliciting boys and cottaging and that he was a sexual deviant and pervert.

That's just not nice!

In other news, it's a very nice day today in Folkestone, cold again though. We are working our way through The Complete Inspector Morse box set1, I am struggling with some Javascript (so sorry if any of this site appears slow, I'll move it all off to a test page when I get the chance), and the trains are buggered again for this week's trip up to London, so we have to get a coach.

js: Programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living.

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