Blog2005 ≫ Commuting, day two

Today's journey in was alright, Clare slept for half of it, but I mostly sat and looked out of the window, and read more of A short history of nearly everything1. It's very interesting, though a bit frightening in places, and upsetting in others. DON'T GO TELLING ME that my friends the mushrooms have more in common with animals than with plants! That's not the kind of things a vegan likes to hear! Ooh, seems I could have got the audiobook of this1, but then I would have the fear of falling asleep listening to it and dreaming about supervolcanoes and things.

Yesterday, the first commute home was delayed a bit, but less than ten minutes so no complaints really. Haven't sorted getting keys for the office yet so I'm not working the most efficient way. Apparently someone will be hear at 9am every day, so I can start then, do a half hour lunch, leave work at 5 and be home just after 7... sounds and feels like I will be spending half my life commuting, but it's worth it now to be waking up in the Folkestone flat, the sunrise this morning was GREAT. Bit pink though, that means either the weather will be bad or shepherds pie for tea, innit?

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