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This version is Dapper Drake. I got a CD of a more recent version off someone at work hoping I could start again from there and then upgrade to the latest, but if I try that my wireless connection is lost immediately, and without that I can do nothing without rearranging the flat and temporarily running cables, which I am loath to do... Probably I'll go from upgrade to upgrade until the first time I can't get something working, then I'll give it all up again for six months.

Got to get me another mouse for this computer, I'm using an old mac mouse with only one button and no scroll wheel, it's hard work! I do have a switch that i hoped to use, sharing the keyboard mouse and monitor with my other machine, but the switch is old and only handles old style keyboard and mouse plugs and connections and not USB, boo. I probably want to just VNC onto this machine and get rid of the other monitor.

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