Blog2018 ≫ Time to start RUNNING

Hmm have I run (hoho) out of excuses to start running now? Got the trainers, got the shorts, got the headphones... Now I'm thinking I need a better fitness tracking watch that can hold some mp3s so that I don't have to carry my phone, so that is my latest excuses.

Excuses aside I made a start yesterday. When Clare came back in (very late) from her work party I went out and did a mile. I swear it was a mile, though my Fitbit says it was less. It failed to track where I actually went using my phone, as there must have been no signal along the seafront and I wasn't really out for long. It thinks I only went along Seabrook Road for a bit, but I went round our street, along Princes Parade to the first bridge then back along the canal path.

It was hard work, I was sweating properly when I got back in, but I did it. Luckily I was able to replace the lost fluids immediately with isotonic solution best suited to my body's exactl requirements. Yes a Sauvignon Blanc. I had one beer in the afternoon too before I went out, while I was waiting for Clare, but less than I might normally drink on a Sunday.

Clare suggests couch to 5k1 from the NHS, I will give it a go. There is an app! Aargh that is one less excuse!

Had a lovely barbecue at Jeff and Emma's, lovely weather and the food all went well too, good work guys.

5k: Five km, just over three miles to you.

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