Blog2007 ≫ Beer: not bad

My homebrew was not bad at all, not 100% clear, but brown and smelled and tasted of beer, so can't complain. Was a little bit malty for my taste, but I can fis that when I start on a proper recipe and really mess things up.

All in all had a very nice weekend, we went to Escondido for lunch, and did afternoon drinking in The Ship, and browsing of antique shops and then off for a full evening of boozing it up. We took in The Harbour, and The Burstin just to see what it was like - madly busy, with visiting coach parties from around the country. The place was actually packed out, and had the odd atmosphere of a holiday camp. then we finished off at The Ship, the other one, in the harbour. I think I finally had some success with DVD burning, which I've been struggling with for ages to get it working without actually having to buy any software. I have a load of things as AVIs that are fine for me (my DVD player plays data discs), but I want other people to be able to watch on a regular DVD player. I think I've finally got it sorted with a combo of bits of software, all of which met my requirements of being free, and legit, and not a trial only version or any crippleware... I'm now using something called Super to convert AVI to VOB, then DVD Styler1 to make menus and save as an ISO, and then cd burner x pro to burn the iso to a disk2.

Can't find the proper link to Super right now, but it is French and their site is rubbish. I think I can get away with converting AVI to MPEG using any other software now I come to think of it, I just need a bit more experimenting.

I can't believe it's taken me so long to get things sorted though, what does everyone else use? I mean to make proper DVD's with menus and things.

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