Blog2011 ≫ Mingleton

Just discussing a requirement for a multiple singleton (it's a programming thing) and I thought I had coined the word mingleton. Of course not, it's already been done.

A singleton is a coding pattern that ensures you can only have a single instance of a class, I have a situation where I can't actually make use of this but I want to make sure I only have one or two objects (one of each of certain types), and to reuse the objects where possible.

Hack day has gone quite well, I've created a couple of things including a system for "feature bits" on our website, so we can turn features on and off quickly even when they span several pages or sites, and then also a caching solution to speed up some of our pages which uses the new "feature bits" code. Feature bits are LIVE now but as I wrote the other thing this afternoon that's a bit too late to put live.

Have a lovely weekend, I will, I think we're going swimming.

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