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Bit busy to blog these days unfortunately :-( Was in training at Port Lympne yesterday, not training how to be a zookeeper or anything, it's just where we held a training day. Nice, rubbish lunch for me though, basically lettuce sandwiches. Did have margarine of some sort in it, I can only assume it was vegan as they knew (and was why I got lettuce when everyone else got chicken drumsticks, spring rolls, potato wedges etc). Was tempted to nip round the animal cages see what their food was like. Got as far as the Drill monkeys and their huge swollen backsides put me off thinking about food for the rest of the day. Training was good, fun, but not too much fun (I don't like to mix fun and work really).

Had another couple of estate agents round to view the flat, they were not quite so confident about the state of the market as the first two were. Man alive it's an expensive business selling isn't it? I have to pay them a small fortune really. One last chance, buy my flat, 160k for cash? You've got until tomorrow, we have to choose an estate agent then.

What else? The boy has been quite well behaved. Quite, not 100%, but he's entertaining anyway. Family visiting this weekend which will be great - they can look after the boy while I head off to this gig!

Very busy at work, lots of new work coming in and a deadline coming up on a big project that will go live on the first day of our holiday, so it's got to be BULLETPROOF before then. Plus I'm interviewing too, which I don't like, and it takes up valuable time.

Lunch over, sausage casserole today thanks for asking, back to the grindstone...

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