Turns out I can put off the hallway lighting a bit longer

Turns out I can put off the hallway lighting a bit longer

I didn't have any of the bits I need. I can't replace just one of the hall lights at once as they're all linked, I have to do all three at once. I only have two bulbs and two adapters and one switch, don't know how that happened. So, to update my list again!

I just realised this list 👆 is always going to be up to date, even if reading this back years later. Well, it's going to be cached, so it might be out of date, but it's always going to be the same image attached to every post. I might work on that.

UPDATE: I could do one of the lights. The upstairs hallway was not wired as two way lighting, I think I had to disconnect this when I first put in the lightwaverf remote controlled lights. So I was able to take that one out, replace it with an old style switch, stick one of the adapters over that and mount an IKEA dimmer on top of that, and then put in the IKEA dimming bulb. I also added a PIR. So, I'm back to just about where I started in the upstairs hallway, but I'm happier, because it does the same job, but on the new system. Just the middle and downstairs hallway to do now, and then I'll have to come up with a new problem to solve.

The problem has been that I'm replacing smart dimmer switches with normal switches and smart dimming bulbs. If I try and just swap the bulbs without replacing the switch too it doesn't work. Nearly shot of lightwaverf now. Man alive I had a lot of it.

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Mon Apr 05 2021

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