Blog2004 ≫ How are your days then?

I am still ploughing through messages, fixing stuff up... we still have problems, but a fix is scheduled in... the fix we did today will hopefully mean I don't have to do the "restore from backup" again in a hurry, and also it means my backups will be more accurate and reliable and that...

Someone tell me something to distract and amuse me, I am bored of all this admin, but I can't really justify heading off to do the development work I want to do until the rest of this is done... heard anything good recently? I got the new Modest Mouse album, it's very indie. Also I got the Francis Albert Machine album, but I've not heard that yet, will be listening tonight... Also had a bit of a clear up of the desk and found some prizes that I've forgotten to send out, and bundles of CD's that I never knew I had, including Stained Glass Heroes, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Michael Rattray,The Blueskins and John Squire. I'll be giving it all a listen later today. Apart from John Squire, of course.

Man it's hot isn't it?

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