Blog2008 ≫ Should everything be a black box though? And WHY can't you fix my IPAQ?

It's just the battery I think, it won't keep a charge now...

OK not everyone is building a clock out of voltmeters but the people who are trying to do this sort of thing have got to feel happy about it, I know I would if I could get more stuff for free. Modern cars are almost impossible to do anything to, but if you had a VW Beetle or a Landrover or something you could learn to fix it yourself.

There are a lot more bits of kit out there now that you can open up and do things to, and even if they're not officially "open" then on sites like makezine.com1 and hackaday.com2 you can find out how to hack stuff that you already have, or can get for free. It doesn't have to be just electronic / electrical stuff either, did you see IKEA hacks that I posted recently?

Not sure [reply]my reply tags[/reply] work at all anyway, but in that case it was because I put [replay] instead of reply...

My lego skills are a bit behind, but I'm going to build on them, then do some diy electronics and things. Definitely. Not just daydream about it, oh no.

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