Blog2018 ≫ Up early for work rather than running

Struggled to get out of bed today, snoozed my first running alarm, so missed this morning's exercise. Yesterday's Couch To 5K was quite a lot harder. I may try to do it at lunch, otherwise I have to be up early tomorrow to do it or this will be the first letting-it-slip, which I do not want. Have however been working early, so got up on the second alarm. I have to publish loads of google maps keys today, if that is the right wording. I had to generate lots of api keys and put them live on our sites before 9am today. I thought I was just clicking the button to go live but found a few more I had not generated yet. So just about done in time to take the boys to school!

Was a relatively early night last night, for me at least. No idea what time Clare came in, but she had a good time. We have a few more weeks of this, she is spreading her big birthday over several small nights out with different groups of friends.

5k: Five km, just over three miles to you.

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