Blog2018 ≫ Busy day today

On a new project at work as of today, but only part time, so double the admin overhead. It's not going to be fun work either I don't suppose as it is doing some maintenance and improvements on a very old system. It's a system that I mostly wrote about ten years ago so my past shortcuts will be coming back to haunt me. It must be testament to something or other that this system is still in use, they have been completely unable to get rid of it.

Plus all my other regular Monday business, breakfast and taking the boys to school, making the Arrabiata for tonight, both done before work. Then after work I have a PTA meeting. And I kind of need to get to the post office today too, though Clare can pick that one up tomorrow on her day off if a fail there. It would mean trading my lunchtime walk for a cycle in to Hythe, so all down to if the bike is roadworthy. I think it has a slow puncture.

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