Blog2003 ≫ Where does all this water come from?

Water is still streaming into the flat, seems to be running down the wall today, like it's coming through the roof and not just the gap in the window, so we've called the letting agent, hope they can sort that a bit sharpish!

Giving away some shoes on popex if you can tell me the name of the current Electric Soft Parade album...

Also our Suede tickets showed up at last, and we've been offered tickets to David Bowie tonight at Wembley... All across town in this weather? Maybe not1.

Got to put a proper domain name on the stuff I've done for Supervision, and tweak the calendar a bit, so it goes back to the beginning of the week of the event you've just edited, rather than just that day, as it was confusing someone. Makes more sense now.

Barfly sites were down all night, I expect there to be some fallout from that.

💬 Leaky roof

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