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A pleasant evening in the Defoe, they have a new guest beer on called Lock Stock, it's a smashing deep red colour and tastes a bit of bitter chocolate. Spotted CELEBS, that's my best hobby - Sue Perkins was the most famous, her off celebrity Big Brother and Light Lunch and that, and also Emma Kennedy1, you know, she does the Heat Magazine adverts. I don't think they're local as they were both amazed and amused afresh at the dogs sitting at the bar drinking Guinness out of a glass, bless.

Looks like my Darkness tickets exchange has started to take off, it's only people wanting tickets right now... was SHOCKED to discover there's tickets going for over a tonne apiece on Ebay at the moment2... it's not looking good for getting some freebies for Dom in Folkestone3. It's not looking good for the friends I'm holding tickets for for Hammersmith either to be honest - I'm going to flog them and go on holiday! It's all good for my real Darkness tickets page, since I put the Google ads on there it's made 12 dollars! This should be a bigger earner than Ask Jeeves...

Lordy, mate Richy is working in New York right now, and mate Richy's Wife is flying out there today to meet him. It being the JFK of our generation4, everyone remembers where they were when it happened I guess, and an unusually high number of people I've spoken to claim to be on planes / in airports / on a high building in New York etc... we really were in the air, on our way to Brazil on holiday though... got a cheaper flight by changing planes in Paris, but by the time we got there things had gone a bit wrong. No-one could tell us what had happened, but all planes were grounded, we were stuck at Charles De Gaulle for about 12 hours and then our flight was diverted somewhere else.

More 7/11 memories later5.

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