Blog2011 ≫ Where did that eleven day holiday go?

Spending the last day of my christmas and new year break painting the kitchen...

Lawks have had ten days off in a row, and day eleven is fast disappearing too, back to work tomorrow!

Spending the day doing DIY and decorating, going to finish the kitchen at last. Second coat of white paint is going on a lot better than the first. Yeah I should have sugar soaped it all first...

Just stopping for lunch now, then a final burst this afternoon. I have to actually move the fridge out to do the last bit so that's why it's left until last...

Quite pleased with another little job I did yesterday, found some big old hooks that I bought ages ago from IKEA, meaning to use them to hang a ladder on the wall or something. They're just right for hanging the ironing board up out of the way in the utility room, which I've done now. Oh yeah I am a proper IKEA hacker... Drilling, measuring, taking down an unused cupboard, all went smoothly, very surprising for me. Still expecting a crash in the middle of the night when it falls off the wall again. This was one of the few jobs in the house that has not required hollow wall anchors; most of the walls in this house are soft cheese plaster, but down in the sort-of-basement where the utility and study are they are proper solid masonry. I'm fired up for DIY today, hope I can make good paint progress after lunch and get something else done. Something with my Dremel.

Mostly reading Harry By The Sea1 now, The boy will allow us to read this book in place of The Bear With Sticky Paws Won't Go To Bed1 which has been his daily favourite for a while now. I should be reading Wolf Hall, I should have finished it by now, but I can't find it! This is not good news, as it is borrowed from Dom, sorry Dom. It will turn up or I'll buy a new one. Hope I didn't leave it at work, as they were having a big old purge over christmas, a clean start for the new year. A purge of all the rubbish left in the office I think, rather than staff.

Back in work in the morning.

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