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No, my sort of review of The Editors at Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall

No, my review of The Editors at the Leas Cliff Hall. Already too much time has passed for me to do this justice, I can just about remember what I just ate for my lunch (pie, roast vegetables, peas, sweetcorn, lovely) and the gig was on Tuesday. Went with Dom and Dean, taking Jen's ticket because she's done herself a mischief. Did not go to the pub beforehand, as it's a school night and the plan is not to drink in the week. However, got in the venue and ordered lagers just for something to do really. Saw one of the support acts, they were very young and very goth sounding, but all keyboards / electronics, which I don't like. The music sounded good in parts, as I say gothy and eighties, but didn't really sound that live. They had the attention of the crowd though, no fighting had started at this stage. Not sure who they were though from this page1 I would say either Cold Cave or Strange Death Of Liberal England. I think the main singer only had one arm, that would narrow it down a bit.

The Editors were good, but again more electronic than I would have liked. Some good bits of guitar but not enough really. Using a lot of keyboards and computers and backing type stuff means a nice faithful recreation of the2 albums2 but maybe a bit too faithful for a live show. So anyway, the fighting started...

Singe shouted out from the stage to "be nice", there must have been some early scuffling that we could not see. I saw a bit of stroppy pushing, I put this down to the crowd being split. There were lots of old giffers like me who like to stand and nod and stroke their chins and applaud politely, but then there were kids who mainly want to get into the crowd and rub up against each other. It being Folkestone perhaps the majority of both groups had not been to that many gigs and didn't realise that the other group would not like their behaviour - the young people should not have been barging into the old people, and the old people should not have been trying to stand at the front. This is where the friction was caused.

That was my theory anyway, but having spoken to a workmate who was also at the gig, he says one of the kids who got thrown out for the fight was also thrown out for fighting at a Pete Doherty gig at the same venue. So my theory is out of the window, and it was probably just some people who like fighting more than they like gigs. More surprisingly same young scrapper then got back into the venue. I wonder if the venue security were really up to the task.

The fight meant the lights came on, and the band went off - no need for that really, no-one was fighting the band as far as I could tell. They came back on eventually but we didn't hang around much longer after that. Like I said, it was a school night and we had Suede the next day...

A journalism student has been in touch via last.fm3 wanting to interview people who were at the gig, that will be good.

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