Blog2006 ≫ Oh dear what's happened to the style then?

Been playing with PhpGedView while I had some time to play with PHP (which might help me with work) and genealogy things(which probably won't). It's "skinnable", but only sort of, it needs some hacking to integrate it in this site, and in the process I've broken my CSS. Normal service will be resumed ASAP.

Job news, still fending off interviews left right and centre, I'm sure one will slip through the net sooner or later.

Had a splendid weekend thanks, including some time spent in The Morehall, wasn't as bad as I remembered, though we were probably a bit squiffy after a very big Sunday lunch.

Watching a few Harry Clarke illustrations on ebay, particularly this book that claims to be from 19251 and this that claims to be a first edition2, not convinced by either of them though.

Curry tonight at Everest (the restaurant, not the mountain) and the wedding celebrations start in earnest.

Five days between blog posts, not sure I've gone that long before...

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